Victims from Stalking

Q2 What kind of behavior can be considered as stalking behavior under this law?

Acts subjected to this law are categorized in two types; "Following you" and "Stalking you."
Behavior of "Following you" is usually generated to satisfy such emotions as
1 romantic feeling toward you such as love; or
2 a grudge against you because love has never been returned to an offender.
When those feelings are not satisfied, the offender resorts to the acts of the eight patterns mentioned below.

"Following you"
1Following you around, waiting for you in ambush or forcing to enter your residence
2 Telling you that your movements are always watched
3 Demanding to meet you or go out with you
4 Violent words and behavior against you
5 Giving you silent calls, continuous calls or faxes
6 Sending you waste material such as feces
7 Disgraceful behavior that would offend and insult your feelings
8 Behavior that is shameless and sexually harassing 

"Stalking behavior"
This behavior means following around the same person repeatedly.