Victims from Stalking

Q4 If someone is stalking me, what should I do?

1  Following you around, waiting for you in ambush or forcing to enter your residence:
Behavioral patterns:
--  Following you wherever you go;
--  Standing in your way;
--  Waiting for you in ambush on the way to school or work; or
--  Continuously watching you at your residence, school or workplace, or going to those places to meet you.
How to protect yourself from these acts:
--  Checking dangerous points on the way back home;
-- Carrying a crime-prevention beeper with you whenever you go out and putting a shorten number of an emergency call, Dial 110, into your cell phone so that you can make an emergency call anytime quickly;
--  Asking your family to pick you up or taking a taxi to go home whenever you feel unsafe;
--  Do not hesitate to go to Koban, convenience stores or any residents for help; or
--  If you live alone, installing two locks at the door, making sure to check who is at the door through a door scope before opening the door, and keeping the door locked with a door chain when opening the door for a visitor.

2  Behavior of telling you that your movements are always watched
Behavioral patterns:
--  Telling you detail description of the clothes you are wearing at that moment or your behavioral pattern to let you know that you are always watched;
--  Giving you a welcome-home call at the moment you arrive home;
--  Giving you a message verbally or through e-mail saying "I'm always watching you."

How to protect yourself from these acts:
--  Paying attention to around you for any suspicious persons every time you come or leave home or work place;
--  Putting light proof curtains at the window of your room so that no one can see inside from outside;
--  If you are told that you are being watched, writing down the situation and what a stalker said and go to the police station nearby for counseling as soon as possible; and
--  Calling 110 in case of emergency.

3  Behavior of demanding to see you or go out with you
Behavioral patterns:
--  Demanding you to do things that you have no obligation to do such as asking for a date or pressing you to come back to the offender even if you refuse to do so; or
--  Forcing you to accept presents.

How to protect yourself from these acts:
--  Your ambiguous attitude to refuse any proposals from a stalker make stalker's expectations higher and higher only to develop stalking behavior more. It is advisable to say "No!" firmly and sincerely.
--  Even if you express your refuse clearly but these demands from a stalker still continue, please go to the police station near your residence for counseling.

4  Verbal and physical violence against you
Behavioral patterns:
--  Shouting at you with abusive language such as "Fuck you! ";
--  Acting violently such as shouting aloud or blowing a horn in front of your residence; or
--  Mailing or e-mailing you with threatening words such as "I'll curse you until the day I die!"

How to protect yourself from these acts:
--  If you feel danger, letting a crime-prevention beeper go off or calling an emergency call;
--  Violent acts or property damage are punishable as a crime, so go to the Criminal Investigation Section in the police station to report.  

5  Behavior of giving you silent calls, a series of calls or faxes
--  Continuously giving you a silent call, or calling you or faxing you even though you refuse to answer.

How to protect yourself from these acts:
--  Avoiding a long conversation with a stalker. Taking a firm stand to tell him/her that you will report to the police and you want to refuse any contacts;
--  Documenting the date and time, contents and telephone numbers of unwanted calls. Do not delete calling record on your cell phone and keep it as evidence.
--  Telephone with the calling number display function is also useful.

6  Behavior of sending you waste material such as feces;
Behavioral patterns:
--  Sending something that is unpleasant and disgusting such as feces, dead bodies of animals to your residence or workplace.

How to protect yourself from these acts:
--  Refusing to receive any parcels from an unknown sender. Returning the parcel to a sender through the delivery service without opening it;
--  Recording the date and time when you received the parcel and its invoice; or
--  Reporting immediately to the police without touching it if you find anything suspicious left at the entrance of your residence.

7  Disgraceful behavior that would offend and insult your feelings
Behavioral patterns:
--  Slandering you, give derogatory remarks directly at you, putting defamatory flyers in a mailbox or writing derogatory comments against you on the Internet.  
How to protect yourself from these acts:
--  Bringing defamatory flyers to the police; or
--  Restoring the derogatory comments against you on the Internet on your computer and bringing printouts of the comments to the police.  

8  Behavior that is shameless and sexually harassing  
Behavioral patterns:
--  Sending pornographic photos to your residence or workplace or insulting you with obscene words verbally or in the letter.  

How to protect yourself from these acts:
--  Managing your personal information such as address, telephone number or e-mail address carefully. Giving photos or video tapes that were sent to you to the police.

9  Behavior of following you other than those stipulated in the Stalker Regulation Law
Behavior of following you continuously without any reasonable cause that is from malicious intent such as jealousy or malice, for the purpose of satisfying sexual interest of a stalker or taking money or property from a victim are not regulated within the framework of the law.  They are prohibited by Article 10 of the Osaka Prefectural Ordinance Concerning Disturbing Public Peace by Violent Acts.
Please come to the police for counseling of such problems.