"Safe Riding Rule Book for Bicycle Users"

Don't ride a bicycle as doing something else!

Riding a bicycle in the following ways is very dangerous because your attention might be distracted or you might loose your balance.

Rules to be observed

Article 13 of Osaka Prefecture's Road Traffic Rules

Punishment: A fine of 50,000 yen or less
・Don't ride a bicycle in a way that your vision is narrowed or you loose your balance such as putting up an umbrella or carrying large luggage.
・Don't ride a bicycle as talking on a cell-phone, reading messages or looking at the picture on a cell-phone.
・Don't ride a bicycle as listening to the music with a headset on or playing the car stereo in a loud sound because you cannot realize warning horn, emergency vehicle's siren or instructions from the police.    
※ In a loud sound means the sound level under which you cannot realize the warning sound such as a siren or police instructions.

Let's wear a raincoat on a rainy day!

As you are mailing on your cell-phone...
As you are listening to the music at full blast ...
As you are listening to the music at full blast ...