Prevention of Damage from Crimes

Q1 What should I teach my children so that they can protect themselves?

  • Tell your children the following "Five Promises" over and over again.
  • You do not play alone.
  • You do not follow a stranger.
  • You shout out loud if someone tries to take you away.
  • When you leave home, you must tell your parents where you go to play, who you go with      and when you come back.
  • Let adults know immediately if someone tries to take away your friend.

In addition, it is advisable that you should go to your children's frequent places, parks or school routes with your children and tell them what and where they should be careful about to avoid any crimes.
It is also good for you to teach your children how to use a crime prevention beeper or a whistle and have them carry these preventive goods whenever they go out.