Hello! This is Dial 110 police emergency line.

Dial 110 for people with hearing or speech difficulty

This line is exclusively for the use of people who have hearing or speech difficulty when they need help from the police. So please refrain from using this line if you are physically unimpaired.



Please fax your message containing what happened, your address, name and fax number to:

6941-1022 from inside Osaka City
06-6941-1022 from outside Osaka City

We will fax you back to let you know that we have received your fax. If needed, police officers will be sent to you. If police officers are not necessarily dispatched, we will fax you the result in any case.

E-mail 110

E-mail address for mobile-phone

  • When you send an e-mail, please put what happened, your address or your present location and your name in the text.