Preparation against Disaster

Necessities for A Family of Four

Container Backpack A bag such as a backpack or a shoulder bag with which you can move easily and you can use both hands freely
Clothes and garment A helmet or a disaster-prevention hood Any clothes or garment which can protect your head
Valuables Cash, seals, passbooks, health insurance certificates, title papers, licenses or copies of licenses Cash in yen, credit cards, passports, residence card
Drinking water Take with you  ~  Two 1.5 litter bottles Six 500 ml plastic bottles
Emergency food Food stock for emergency ~ Pregelatinized rice (Rice is ready by only pouring hot water  over this type of rice.), seasoning, pickled plums, dry food,  sugar, sweets such as chocolate or rice cakes

Bread, canned food, seasoning and dressing, and sweets such as biscuits, chocolate or candies